Our microblading specialist performing in the 2017 New York International Beauty Show (IBS) at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan NY.

Our Story

NiceBrow's microblading methods were originated around the 19th century in China. By 2010, these methods had rapidly became very popular in East Asia and Europe. As the techniques had matured over the years, it had undergone many enhancements and had deemed safe and sounded. We believed that this approach is going to transform the entire cosmetic industry, the same way that had transformed the retail industry.

Our Approach

Safety and customers' satisfactions are the twin pillars of the company.


NiceBrow only use expert microblading specialists for each session. We are the only microblading studio that offered 2x free touchups to our clients. All our microblading needles are individually packaged and are single used. We use organic color pigments imported from a reputable pigment brand in Germany. The results are natural, flawless, prettier looking brows, eyeliners, lips, beauty marks, and hairlines.


NiceBrow facials will revitalize and energize your skin to a youthful you. We have developed and mastered a unique technique that revolved around fire and ice (or Yin and Yang) for our facials using advanced dermatology equipments. Our focus is on minimizing the pain from our thorough extraction with warm steam and cold mask. The end results are more radiant, rejuvenated, healthier looking skins. They have only one objective in mind: to make you look better. Together, let NiceBrow make powder foundation envy of the real you.


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