At NiceBrow, our philosophy is in building long-lasting relationships with our customers and offered them the latest trends in the beauty industry at a competitive price.




$150 Brow Lamination with Tint (promotional Rate: $100)
     Brow Lamination is the latest and most fashionable way to create fuller, thicker, longer looking brows. The process involves straightening the brow hairs using high quality perm solution so that they all stand in the desired shape and position. It is best for those who have curly or kinky brows. Paired with brow tints, it may allow you to skip using brow pencil altogether. You will be obsessed with your brows for weeks!


$125 Collagen Eye Therapy with mask
     The collagen eye therapy utilizes microcurrent technology combined with anti-aging serum to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage on the surrounding eye area. This treatment can increase collagen generation, improve elasticity and muscle tone while reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment is highly effective to combat dark circles underneath the eyes. Pairing it with an organic eye mask, it can improve firmness and restore radiance on your eyes.


$125 RF Neck Tightening with mask
     This treatment utilizes radio frequency machine that generate heats on the neck to stimulate collagen production and relief lymph nodes, while tightening those saggy neck skin with zero downtime. Applying an organic cold mask on the treated area, it can reduce signs of skin fatigue while brighten the skin tone and restore vitality on the neck area.
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